Horseshoe Estate is home to Sugarleaf Vineyards and its Winery. The breathtaking beauty of the estate inspired a dream, to create a vineyard. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Sugarleaf Vineyards rests on 4 acres of the 126 acre estate in the heart of Monticello. This emerging viticultural area is gaining recognition for its excellent developing conditions and capacity to create top notch wines similar to the beginning stages of the production of California wines in the early 1970’s.

Sugarleaf Vineyards was created from the bequest’s crude land that advantages from its ideal position in the Monticello Viticultural Area of Virginia. The Vineyard is now home to Sugarleaf 2,075 thriving vines, resting at a height of roughly 815 feet and encompassed by a mountainous terrain. Sugarleaf Vineyard’s special mix of atmosphere, height, and soil produce the great grapes required so as to deliver wine  with completely created and complex flavors. The breeze from from the mountains which wisps over the Vineyard cooling the natural product on warm summer days is one of the numerous qualities that enhances the quality and uniqueness of the Vineyard’s fruit.